NFO a 22 09 (blue blotched with white)
SireTitran’s Django Unchained
DamHeimdall Arve’s Mystique
BreederTina Siekmann


A sweet, young Norwegian girl was welcomed in the landstryker-family! Blue blotched, with neat white socks and a gentle, modest character. For the time being, our baby indoors, but outdoors she is a tough girl who climbs higher in the old pine tree than all the others. Then smooth and totally sure of herself back down. Animal with a beautiful glance.

Nostalgia for the late beautiful Restless Memento (Elrilar's) was the excuse. He is her great-grandfather.
 From the Heimdal Arve to the Landstryker fields, this child of Nature is doing well.

Many thanks dear Tina, for entrusting her to me.